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Thread: Happiness? send for Ken Dodd

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    Happiness? send for Ken Dodd

    Dave got his tickling stick out loaned by Ken Dodd [the hoarder of untaxed earnings] in an effort to induce happiness. Starting from January there won't be much of that around. What an idiotic time to ask people if the're happy. I do believe Dave's politically slap happy.

    Ask the parents of children threatened with the withdrawal of sport funding, the students and their parents facing a £9.000 university fee. Also the million who will be thrown out of work through local authority cuts and their knock on effect, the enforced removal of tenants from their homes and communities to f*** knows where, the increase in council tenants rents of people who are on the lowest working income any everyone in the country who will feel the effect of a V.A.T. hike to 20%, an increase which was excluded in pre-election promises.

    All this is measured against a government of ex public school millionaires and increases in fat cat bank bonuses. How much happiness would you think is out there Dave you crass idiot.
    Advocates of capitalism believe : "The fortunate must not be restrained in the exercise of tyranny over the unfortunate"

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    Re: Happiness? send for Ken Dodd

    "Ken a guy who used to work with me won the lottery"
    "DID HE "

    No DODDY !

    I'll get my coat

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