The head of the UN Panel on Sudan Referendum Benjamin Mkapa has said that the campaigns being made by some southern leaders urging citizens not to register and vote outside Sudan are one of the reasons of low turnout of voters' registration.

It is sure that this statement by the UN is important because it is from a neutral body that clearly accuses southern leaders of obstructing the registration of voters in the north.

Before the issuance of these statements, we have noticed that all observers are listening to the National Congress and the SPLM accusing each other of obstructing the referendum process.

Now, the UN is accusing the SPLM alone. The UN accusation is clear evidence that the SPLM is involved in obstructing the registration of voters for the referendum that would definitely affect the whole process.

In this regard, it is sure that the UN statement was based on the reports of the UN employees at the registration centers in different areas in northern Sudan.

Thus, there is evidence that the SPLM is impeding the registration process while there is not single evidence that the National Congress is doing the same thing.
This situation could result in the failure to reach the quorum required for voting or could make small number of southerners decide the fate of the whole south Sudan region.