(SS)The reaction of the Popular Congress to what it considered as the dangerous split within the Justice and Equality Movement represents a warning for the whole movement. Just before the split, the Popular Congress leader Ibrahim Al-sanousi said his party is ready to mediate between the National Congress and the JEM to find a solution to the Darfur crisis.

Thanks to its long political experience, the National Congress rejected the Popular Congress proposal without giving reasons for its rejection to the mediation request. However, it is easy to infer the reasons of the rejection.

Obviously, the Popular Congress, which has military ties with the JEM, wants to fish in the troubled water to serve its own agendas. The coincidence between the return of the Popular Congress leader Hassan Al-Turabi from abroad and the resumption of the JEM military acts in Kordofan is sign that there is sort of coordination between the two sides.

It is clear that the Popular Congress has planned everything. But, the split of some JEM leaders in Ethiopia has surprised the Popular Congress. Thus, the latter wanted to save the JEM from the consequences of the split.

The current split within the movement of Khalil differs from the splits of the Darfur rebel movements because the JEM is now passing hard and complicated circumstances and difficulty in bringing its leader into Darfur region.

The split of JEM has spoiled the Popular Congress plan with regard to the Darfur issue.