Last Monday, the UN said it rejects forcing any displaced person to leave Kalma camp to the new location. The UN official Valerie Amos, which visited Kalma Camp recently, said that the IDPs told her that there is no food or security in the new location.

The UN official seemed to be convinced by what she heard from the IDPs, but did not say that she visited the new location to see whether it is suitable or not.
It was clear that she only wants to support the IDPs stance against the govern plan to relocate the camp.

The acting governor of South Darfur Abdul-Karim Musa said that some IDPs in Kalma insist on staying in Kalma due to political reasons. In his meeting with the UN official, the governor said that it does not make sense to allow the IDPs to receive both the humanitarian support and arms.

In fact, the issue of handling Kalma camp is almost finished. The government established another camp to relocate the IDPs until they are able to return to their villages.

The governor said the new camp consists of 500 tents and is provided with electricity, water, health and educational services.

The governor said that the area for the single person in Kalma does not exceed three meters while the area allocated for the single person in the new camp reaches 300 square meters.

Thus, the UN seems to be interested only in the issue of whether the relocation of the IDPs is voluntary or not.