You might rightly assume that negotiation of the purchase of 2 aircraft carriers contract was wrapped up in favour of the constructor, so that whether they were built or not they received the same sum, was a big enough foul-up!

Well, how about national government accepting a communications contract for all the emergency services which results in when those services go over a contracted level, that it costs 2 per second to use their radios? Service personnel are now having to be taught to text rather than use their radios, as an economy measure. I applaud economy measures but whoever created this contract has hopefully been put out to graze without a pension ............... ?

While chief constables face unprecedented cutbacks, the company that operates the system on which all the emergency services communicate has seen a massive rise in profits. Last year Airwave Solutions’ profit margin outstripped even that of mobile-phone giant Vodafone.
Airwave’s pre-tax profit was 170 million, a 26 per cent increase on the previous 12 months. It represents an eye-watering return of 45 per cent on the company’s 380 million turnover.

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