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Thread: Does the UK only use paper ballots?

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    Does the UK only use paper ballots?

    I hope this is the correct area of the forum to ask this question.

    In America we use a lot of electronic voting machines. I do not trust them.
    They are owned by private companies. If we want to say look at the software to help verify the vote they won't let us, because the software is proprietary.

    I feel these machines are not trustworthy.

    I was hoping that in the UK you only use paper ballots. I know there are ways to manipulate the vote using paper ballots as well.

    Do those of you in the UK feel your system of voting is secure?

    Or do you feel it is corrupted?
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    Re: Does the UK only use paper ballots?

    The answer is yes we do, of course the downside is that it relies on the integrity of those counting for accuracy but at least we have none of the ballots not punched through problems you guys had in 2004. That being said no system has been devised as of yet which is totally immune to fraud.
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    Re: Does the UK only use paper ballots?

    The UK system was the best system, however, it was recently said that our elections rely on trust; which is very much the case.
    Due to changing social attitutes, mass immigration and other factors, our system is quickly becoming problematic. However, in specific response to the ballots themselves, I think we should keep paper ballots. I love staying up at night waiting for them to be counted.
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