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Thread: Strangest Reasons for Renewal of US Sanctions on Sudan

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    Strangest Reasons for Renewal of US Sanctions on Sudan

    It was not strange the decision by the US President Barak Obama to extend the US sanctions on Sudan for another year as the Sudanese government has co-existed with the sanctions since 1997.
    The government is quite confident that the US sanctions are politically motivated, but the strange thing was the statement of the US President that the Sudanese government policies represent exceptional threat to the US interests and the national security.

    The use of this inaccurate phrase reflects the US political injustice as Sudan has been discussing with the US envoy to Sudan the important issues for more than a year.
    And of course, if Sudan is acting against the US interests, it would not have received the US envoy.

    And even if we said that Khartoum did not discuss any matters with Washington, how could Washington forget the Sudanese cooperation on the fighting against terrorism.

    The Bush administration appreciated the Sudanese cooperation in this regard. Now, the question is; who is threatening the interests of the other? The US sanctions against Sudan are the real threat not Khartoum which has been discussing with the US officials means for building reasonable and equivalent relations.

    The phrase of Obama did not indicate to the type of threat that Sudan poses.

    It is unknown that whether this alleged threat is political, economic or security.
    How a weak country could pose a exceptional threat to a super power super?
    In fact, Sudan does not pose a threat to any country let alone the US.

    The US Obama had to use diffe

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    Re: Strangest Reasons for Renewal of US Sanctions on Sudan - Strangest Reasons for Renewal of US Sanctions on Sudan
    You forgot to copy and paste:
    "rent phrases if wanted to persuade the observers and avoid Khartoum's sarcasm."

    Is it time to hand over Omar Al-Bashir for his war crimes trial?
    Maybe that time will never come.
    Save us all 22,000,000 a day. Leave the EU.

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