Before observers analyze the reasons behind the failure of the London-based opposition front, which was established by deputy chairman of the Democratic Unionist Party Ali Mahmoud Hassanain, another miserable politician commenced establishment of another opposition front.

The latter said that his front will be capable of realizing what all opposition Sudanese groups have failed to do in more than two decades. The politician who wants to establish another front is Mubarak Al-Fadil.

Immediately after the spread of the news about Hassanain's front, Al-Fadil rushed to establish the front of his own. Al-Fadil said "why not". The establishment of opposition front is easy as seeking a funding organization is the main thing to you need for such activities.

In addition to that, you will need a plan to persuade the funding organization about your ability to topple the government. You will also need some angry politicians before declaring your front. Reliable sources close to Mubarak Al-Fadil said that the man has already began making contacts he considered as secret although he was warned by persons close to him that such movements do not work.

A political source in the National Umma Party said that Al-Fadil presented to them what he thinks as successful political ideas, but the leaders of the Party did not agree with him. The source, who is also close to Al-Fadil, said the latter was angered by their rejection to his thoughts.

It is very important to point out that the establishment of opposition fronts to topple the democratically –elected government in Khartoum is about to be a phenomenon. This phenomenon reflects that these groups feel weak and ineffective presence in the political arena.