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Thread: The BNP - In SKIRTS? :-)

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    The BNP - In SKIRTS? :-)

    The BNP could offer out free stuff for everyone, and the truth is that people would still be suspicous of them.

    I guess it doesn't help when your leader is a convicted criminal, and has such a past history of dubious statements and associations, that he is an easy target for those that wish to remind everyone of the BNP's racist past.

    I wonder if the BNP would gain more votes, and even offer a 'softer side', if they jettisoned Griffin, and replaced him with a women?

    All the better if that women has no convictions.

    All the better if she has no ties to either known terrorists or white supremacy groups

    All the better if she has not gone on record as making a plethora of statements, that are assured to come back to haunt.

    And, finally, all the better if she happens to be half way okay looking, and is dressed the part.

    Now, were the BNP to present a leader like that, it would possibly resonate more with the female vote, because, at the moment, the BNP does seem to be a bit loaded with blokes v women.

    We can see in the US how the religous right have shifted themselves into positions of power, often by way of using a female to represent them.

    Look at the support that Palin has, with many in the US even wanting her to run, in two years.

    And others, like that O'Donnell women, she too has a large following.

    I don't think either would have grabbed so much mainstream support had it been two blokes, which supports my point.

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    Re: The BNP - In SKIRTS? :-)

    A post i actually agree with you on . Another nationalist party , the front national in france found a resurgence of support after they elected Jean Maries' daughter Marine le Pen into senior positions within the party. She is also tipped to take over from her father when he retires.

    Nick Griffin has already stated that he wishes to retire from being the leader in a few years time. Hopefully a suitable female candidate will come along, it could be quite a coup for the party.
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    Re: The BNP - In SKIRTS? :-)

    Dianne Abbot is looking for a job as a leader of a party after failing to win the leadership of the labour party. She's a reactionary racist champaigne socialist Nic, she'd be ideal for the job, give her a call.
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