UN has not taken any decision on deployment of buffer troops on Sudan's north-south borders before the south Sudan referendum, which is expected to be conducted in January, 2011, an UN official said Monday.

Special representative of UN secretary-general Haile Menkerios said here at a press conference that "while the UN Security Council and the secretary-general have expressed their readiness to consider additional support to address security concerns, no decision has been made on the deployment of additional troops."

The official further disclosed that UN Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) has been making adjustments to its troops deployed in Sudan's disputed oil-rich area of Abyei.

"So far, UNMIS has been making adjustments to the deployment of its existing troops deployed throughout the cease-fire zone to defuse tension," he said.

He further said they were studying and evaluating the situation on the ground, and if there was a need to reinforce troops, they would submit a memorandum to the UN Security Council and consult with concerned Sudanese parties.

South Sudan government earlier asked the UN Security Council to deploy international forces on a buffer zone on Sudan's north- south borders to avoid any possible clashes before the south Sudan referendum.

However, the Sudanese government has warned against the deployment of buffer troops, saying it would send negative messages on the borders' conditions and would create a state of tension.