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Donald Campbell Dewar (21 August 1937 11 October 2000) was a Scottish Labour Party politician, and the first holder of the office of First Minister of Scotland, from the establishment of the Scottish Parliament in 1999 until his death.
My dealings with Donald Dewar.

Back in the late 1980s, I was living in Glasgow, a Labour Party member, and I saw Donald Dewar at a public rally in George Square and I offered him a leaflet. I had things to tell the Labour establishment even back then. No big deal.

Then years later, maybe around 1999, long after I had moved to Aberdeen and I had even more to say about the rotten legal and constitutional system of the kingdom which still to this day denies us Scots free speech, imposes defamation laws, court gagging orders, imprisonment for contempt of court and we are not treated as citizens with rights but abused as subjects of the crown whenever the Queen's officers and judges feel like it.

So I leafleted a public Labour party meeting in Aberdeen which Dewar was attending.

This new leaflet which Dewar's audience got offered to them on the way in, published my complaints about the professional lawyers in politics, like Dewar and Wallace, then running Scotland, still pretty much the same old ruling class along with their brother Scottish judges who were content with the devolution settlement they had set up which did nothing much to defend the rights of Scots to speak out in our own country.

Admittedly, it was a very strongly worded leaflet, with "**** Off Donald Dewar" on it or some such.

Anyway the police were called and that was the first time I was handcuffed using rigid handcuffs and shocked and surprised with being arrested practically under the nose of the Queen's First Minister Donald Dewar for the non-crime of giving out a political leaflet, and the vice-like biting grip on my wrists of the rigid handcuffs. I struggled and received a very painful and traumatic wrist injury, amounting to torture.

These rigid handcuffs (image) were brought in by Thatcher so the police could torture and control picketing miners and New Labour never thought to ban those instruments of torture - after all new Labour hated Scargill as much as Thatcher did, maybe more, and why should new Labour, or indeed any royalist party such as Lib Dems, SNP or Tories care if the citizens got injured by the police?

Welcome to Hitler's Britain - "New" Labour (Video of how New Labour treats dissenters)

"Serves us right?" for dissenting from their rule, I suppose is why police torture can still be done to this day to any Scot who is arrested.

After all, to the royalist political parties we defiant Scots have all the rights of lumps of meat when in opposition to officers of the crown, that union of the crowns that Salmond wants Scots to vote to keep in his "independence" referendum plan.

Yes I supported establishing a Scottish parliament where before there was none but it is not enough.

Dewar's devolution settlement and Salmond's independence referendum plan have the same deep flaw - the monarchy supported by a long established legal and constitutional royalist ruling elite, organised around the Privy Council.

Without the republican right of citizens to elect a president as head of state, the state is left in charge of the people, not the other way around. We have no real rights to express our anger, to carry our flags, to shout and to swear. Like children, we are to be seen and not heard other than when we are spoken to and invited to give a polite reply.

Yes we get to vote and be polite and let the likes of Dewar's successors rule us.

So the 10th anniversary of Donald Dewar's death is not an occasion for broadcasters to wallow in the memory of a so-called "much loved Father of the Scottish nation" though that is the story we were brainwashed to believe. Even I who had been tortured by police almost under Dewar's nose felt moved to show my respect for his death at the time, such is the power of the media to stir up undeserved sentiment. 10 years on and the lives of many Scots ruined we can see Dewar's true legacy.

If it was not for the BBC and other royalist broadcasters and press brainwashing the Scots night and day few would back any of these royalist politicians or their rotten Queen.

So oh no kingdom propagandists, it is really a time to remember with hatred a man, Dewar, who did so much to betray the Scots by keeping faith with a rotten kingdom which can never meet the modern needs of Scots, a man who never gave Scots our freedom, a man who hated expressions of freedom which he was content to use the police to crush without mercy using instruments of torture.

Dewar's statue - melt it down!

So I am for republican revolution and for melting Dewar's statue down to make casings for bullets to fight to win our freedom from the royal family and the Queen's judges and officers who Dewar left very much to subjugate Scots to this day.

I say to any fighters who are interested in the fate of Scotland - "pick your side - the Scots or the Queen?" - and let us see who wins. I will back patriotic Scots in any fight for our freedom against the union crown monarch.