The government has criticized statements attributed to President of Southern Sudan government, Salva Kiir Mayardit that southern Sudan will be forced to hold its special referendum if the north abandons agreed upon referendum.

"If such statement is true, then it would be considered a disrespect of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement which provides that referendum should be conducted pursuant to the agreement between the two partners," said the Sudan's UN representative, Ambassador Dafaala Al Haj Yousif.

In a statement to Al Shorook TV Channel, the ambassador said the referendum will be held as scheduled. "Such statements are regrettable and would not lead to the conduction of a referendum that is fair and transparent and that would lead to acceptable results," the ambassador said.

The President of the Government of Southern Sudan, Salva Kiir Mayardit, had said to UN Security Council's envoys who are visiting the Sudan that his region may have to conduct its own referendum on independence if the north aborts the official referendum agreed upon between the two parties in the peace agreement.

Salva Kiir told UN Security Councils members that if a considerable delay occurs and should such delay is attributed to the National Congress Party, then southern Sudan "will reserve its right to organize its own referendum" without passing through the national referendum commission.

On the other hand, the British ambassador said "the Security Council is unified in pressuring both parties, the North and the South, to complete the necessary preparations for the two referenda in the south and Abyei on the scheduled date and that such referenda should be credible and venerated."