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Thread: IRA filth gets special invite to tory party conference

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    IRA filth gets special invite to tory party conference

    Martin McGuinness is heading to the Conservative Party Conference for the first time — increasing the security headache for police who fear a dissident IRA attack.
    Northern Ireland’s Deputy First Minister is scheduled to speak at a fringe event in Birmingham on Tuesday adding to the security nightmare for police and anti-terrorist units.
    Ten days ago the Home Office announced that the security threat level from dissident republicans had been increased to “substantial” after a new risk assessment was received from MI5. The Prime Minister is understood to be “quite concerned” about the possible risk of a terrorist attack in Birmingham during the four day conference which begins today.
    Some unionists and conservatives are angry that the Deputy First Minister has been invited to the breakfast fringe event on Tuesday morning and a possible protest against his presence in Birmingham hasn’t been ruled out. His visit will give an added incentive to dissident republicans to carry out a bomb attack during the conference

    Read more: Security concerns as Martin McGuinness heads to Tory conference - Northern Ireland, Local & National -

    This a disgusting slap in the face for the Tory old guard. Lest we forget the death of Tory MP Anthony berry, the injuries to Norman Tebbit and how Margeret thatcher narrowly escaped when the Brighton bomb went off.
    Vote BNP

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    Re: IRA filth gets special invite to tory party conference

    He is an elected politician.

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    Re: IRA filth gets special invite to tory party conference

    If the people of Ulster can only live in peace by having these murderers on board then I guess the Conservatives will have to live with it too.

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