Now that the Limp-Dem - Tory Coalition is telling us all that the "Elf 'n Safety" Goblins of local Councils are going to be rained in somewhat. If they overstep their mark, they can legally be sued for millions in damages, which will also be available under the new Equal Opportunities legislation left behind by the control-freaked-out Liarbor Party now ex-gubber'munts.

Is this a good thing that we can sue anyone we like who upsets us, or looks at us in the wrong way...... Or should such legislation be struck down if the Bone Idle, Work Shy, Doley Scrounging Vicky Pollards and U-Mensch * U-Menschesses try to sue all and sundry for calling them "Doley Scrounging Layabouts".

Or is Busted Blighty about to become busted a bit more?

of coruse the only folks who will benefit from the status-quo are the stinking, greedy, seedy Fifth Column of "Oomin Rites" law firms who see all this a way to trouser loads of cash at the public's expense.

PS: Have you ever seen a poor "Oomin Rites" lawyer?