SPLM Secretary General Bagan Amum and the Interior Minister in the Government of Southern, Gair Chuan, have called on the southern Sudan citizens to unify their stances toward the coming referendum in 2011.

They also urged the southerners to consider the 24 of September as Memorial Day in the southern Sudan history because this day has witnessed the unification of the international powers toward the southern Sudan referendum.

But, the question is; what did they mean by unification? Did they mean unification of stances toward secession or the stances toward holding the coming referendum on time?

If the matter about secession, it will mean that the SPLM has already decided to secede during the coming referendum, because holding of international conference on referendum does not mean that the international community supports the secession.

Regardless of the international conference on referendum, secession is a huge responsibility that the SPLM does not appear to ready to bear its consequences.

It has only the enthusiasm toward something it does not know its consequences very well. Now, southern Sudan is witnessing miserable situations and ugly political climate.

And if it is about insistence on holding the referendum as scheduled, the international conference did not come out with new results deserving the current happiness showed by the SPLM Secretary General and the Minister of Interior in the Government of South Sudan.

It does not come out with something new because the National Congress Party, the main peace partner, has never spoken about intentions to postpone the referendum.

The officials of the National Congress have repeatedly affirmed keenness to hold the referendum as scheduled.

Although the delegation of the National Congress in the New York Summit was able to tackle the issue of postponement of referendum, and although it was also able to refer to UN reports calling for postponement of the referendum due to the current situation in the south, the delegation reiterated commitment to conduct the referendum as stipulated in the peace agreement.

Now, the SPLM is responsible for creating favorable climate for conducting honest and transparent referendum.

So, what is the new delightful matter for the separatists so that they called on southerners to consider the 24th of September as a memorial day in the history of Southern Sudan?

The participants showed keenness to fulfill their pledges and hold the referendum as planned; however, they can not urge southerners to vote for secession.

But, what the SPLM Secretary General and the Interior Minister ignored is that the participants will not accept a flawed referendum.

The real test is not the conduct of the referendum; it is how to do it in a satisfactory and acceptable manner.