Will President Obama close down Guantánamo, and release the inmates in Florida and New York? Will President Obama settle the crimes against humanity committed against Muslims? Will President Obama put an end to the hostile policy by President George Bush against Islam?.

In its war against Islam, and the hysteria of what it called (The war on terror), America put the psalmist leader Dr. Sami Al Arian in jail. Dr. Sami Al Arian is engineering computer professor in Florida University. Dr. Sami Al Arian is nephew of the martyr professor Ismail Al Farouqi.

After a political trial lacking law, he was sentenced to decades in jail. Sami Al Arian is one of the intelligent psalmist youths the US has ever known.

As America put Nazism leaders in life imprisonment, it put the blind sheikh Omer Abdel-rahman in cells of New York prison without evidence, and without law.

America put the Sudanese adult, Faris from Omduram (son of Mubarak Gasmallah) in New York prisons, after issuing political verdict in the guise of law, and sentenced him with jail for a length of time. Faris is innocent, and until this moment, neither he nor anyone else nor the prosecutor general, who was against him in the court, knows a legal reason for putting him in life jail.

The Sudanese Minister of Justice, under the late Shido, commenced to deal with Faris file to release him. Then America violated the international and humanitarian law, and arrested the Sudanese journalists, the cameraman of Aljazeera TV channel, Sami Al-Haj, and shipped him in cages just like cats and prisoner him for years, and tasted him all its inventions of torture with no prosecution, investigation and law.

America arrested Ibrahim Al Gousi (the son of Atbara) and sent him in Guantánamo for more than six years without investigation and trial, and tasting him worst kinds of torture.
America has arrested the Syrian journalist Tayseer Aloni, and put him in jails of Spain, after bombing Aljazeera TV channel office where he was doing his job and telling the world the reality of (the war on terror).

America, in its third world war against Islam, is dealing with Islam as it was exactly dealing with the Nazism.

The US Vice President Dan Quayle said in an official address to graduating ceremony of officers of West Point military academy, we defeated the Nazism, the communist, but Islam is still undefeated.

Last Thursday, America sentenced the Pakistani scientist Dr. Afia Siddiqui and sentenced her with 86 in jail just like Israel when sentenced the leader Marwan Al Bargouthi for 400 years in jail (the life imprisonment is 20 years).

Dr. Afia Siddiqui is a genius scientist, she studied at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and she majored in the nervous system.

With the help of its ally, Gen. Pervez Musharaf, the US sentenced Abdul-Gadir Khan, the founding father of the Pakistani nuclear bomb, with house arrest.

Afia obtained 144 honorary certificates. She obtained a number of certificates in the Nervous System at various renowned universities such as Brandeis. Dr. Afia Siddiqui is the sole Nervous System secularist in the world which obtained honorary doctorate from Harvard University, the best American University.
Dr. Afia memorizes the holy Quran, she was born in 1972, and nobody in America with her qualifications.

Afia Siddiqui is known for her Islamic activities, she led a campaign for Afghanistan, Bosnia, Chechnya in Boston, she is married and has three children.

Because of her extreme enthusiasm toward Islam and Islamic issues, the CIA – the FBI kidnapped her with her father and three children seven years ago.

American put the genius Muslim women in jail for seven years without prosecution or trial until she lost memory, then it brought to fake trial.

When the court issued its decision last Thursday, the Islamic world was very shocked. Today, Pakistan is deeply sad about the genius women which became a new victim in the hysteria of the American war against Islam.

Dr. Afia said (I entrust my affairs to Allah). Allah is sufficient for those who trust in him.