On his own initiative, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has named the former Tanzanian President Bejamin Mkaba as head of the special panel to monitor upcoming referendum in southern Sudan.
Ban Ki-moon said the referendum result is very important for the security and peace in the region, so he expects that the monitoring team would be able to guarantee smooth referendum with recognized results.

The UN Secretary General decision was motivated by fears raised by some international bodies that the referendum process could witness eruption of disputes and acts of violence.
Obviously, these fears are based on reports about the nature of the situations in southern Sudan. And we all remember the UN report that warned against consequences of conducting the referendum under the current deteriorated security situations in the south. The UN report referred to the inter-tribal conflict, the lack of both the infrastructures and elements of establishing stable state in the south.

The Sudanese government seems not to have preservations on the monitoring panel. Well-informed sources in the government affirmed keenness of the government to hold a democratic referendum that meets the recognized democratic standards.

However, the SPLM, which is the ruling party in southern Sudan, seemed to be the party that has to be asked to facilitate the mission of the UN team.
The UN team has to look into the current climate in the south and whether it is favorable for holding the referendum or not?

The SPLM, which previously influenced the electoral process, is now trying to raise the voice of secession and silence the voice of unity.Everybody in the south knows the said facts. Additionally, there are growing complaints by some southern parties including the SPLM-DC that they face restrictions on their movements, and suffer from unjustifiable arrest for their cadres.

Thus, the UN has to work for creating suitable climate for the referendum before monitoring its mechanic process.