The BNP reform movement has established a very competent person to lead the internal structural reforms of the party. Eddy would make a fine party chairman in the proper sense of the job; a non-political post involving overseeing administration, finances, elections and election strategy and fundraising.

However, the Reform group also needs an alternative deputy political leader to Nick Griffin. A competent thinker who may or may not go on to winning the political leadership election when finally Griffin stands down or is taken down.

No one can win a leadership election on the basis of admin. Members will vote for someone who tells them how the party will get to Dowing street. The only way we can win members back from Nick is having a strong voice to counter his arguments and challenge him intellectually.

Quite unexpectedly, in a talk ostensibly about developing the Reform website, a new political voice for Nationalism has emerged. Rowena boudicca Savage, the first political voice to emerge in the new Nationalist Reform Movement. I think she should be given a chance to tell us what she would do were she ultimatly to lead the party.

Judge for yourself:

Rowena Boudicca Savage: A New Leader Of British Nationalism? Stressedoutidealist's Blog
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