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Thread: Tax avoidance: MPs ideally placed to lead by example

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    soloman Guest

    Tax avoidance: MPs ideally placed to lead by example

    Thanks to The Daily Telegraph’s exposure of MPs’ expenses, we now know how many of our Parliamentary representatives not only pushed legal tax avoidance to its absolute limits but some – it is alleged – went even further. I make no comment here about those cases where the Supreme Court is considering criminal prosecutions, because the perfectly legal flipping of homes to avoid Capital Gains Tax (CGT) was remarkable enough.

    Tax avoidance: MPs ideally placed to lead by example – Telegraph Blogs

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    Greg Lance-Watkins Guest

    Re: Tax avoidance: MPs ideally placed to lead by example


    Ian Cowie's blog is somewhat inclined to the sycophancy of a blogger who blogs for another master's tune as he fails totally to attribute the exposure where it is due but sings a false song to please his master - the actions of The Telegraph were more than a little distatefull but he must perforce continue the misrepresentation as his master would demand in self serving style.

    The exposure was almost entirely the result of the work of Heather Brooke in the first place and The Telegraph never made it clear that this was NOT a matter of individual MPs' expenses and as a blogger with his wrists tied Ian Cowie has either failed to realise or is peddling the party line!

    The flipping of houses is a tax avoidance scheme where by the wealthy may be best served and the poor ignored and thus disadvantaged.

    The monies so called exposed were directly attributable in their obfuscation to the Speaker in that Gorbles Mick had only been positioned as a result of his undertaking to reform the system some 9 years earlier and for his 'gross' failure he was rewarded by enoblement to the increasingly risible House of Lords as a life peer!

    The sum involved was paltry when compared with the cost of the subsequent enquiry and near inconsequential outcome - which seemingly The Telegraph does not want exposed in the self serving blog of Ian Cowie's.

    The more links to blogs the greater the body of opinion and resultant links from which to learn but blogs all come with a large caveat - there are those like the blog quoted above where from the one perspective they are given false gravitas by association but from the other perspective being tied are not able to publish the blogger's genuine views and opinions.

    Then there are blogs like the 30 or so I have which clearly are extensions of my view point and where desired clear links to other material.

    In all instances the caveat is pertinent but that said I find the MSM steadily diminishing in value and the 'naked' blogger of increasing value with the hybrids who blog on behalf of a commercial third party!


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