The spokesman of the United Nations-African Union peacekeeping mission in Darfur (UNAMID), Chris Cycmanick , said that about 27 persons were killed and others were injured at Al-Hamidiya IDPs camp in Zalengi town in Western Darfur State.

Chris said in a press release that the confrontations have created new waves of displacement.Chris said they did not know who behind the attack, but promised to know the perpetrators of the attack after the completion of the investigations being made by the UNAMID.

In the meantime, well-informed sources in Western Darfur government accused the movement of Abdul-Wahid Nour of involvement in the attack, and considered the incident as part of the series of the attacks that hit different camps in the region.Much evidence indicates that the rebel movement of Abdul-Wahid is involved in the attack.

The movement of Abdul-Wahid has, at earlier time, attacked some of the chiefs of Kalma camp in south Darfur after their participation in the Doha peace talks on Darfur.The practices of the rebels within the camp have made the government to seek relocation of the camp.

Despite the said attacks by the rebels, the UNAMID did not move an inch to stop the rebels as it failed in both protecting the IDPs and indentifying the culprits.