The unprecedented statement of the US Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, that the referendum on independence for Southern Sudan is a "ticking time bomb is a dirty political bomb.

Although Khartoum has rejected the comment of Clinton and considered it as flagrant intervention in a domestic Sudanese matter ahead of the 2011 referendum, the statements of Clinton revealed a crisis in the US decision making circles.

The statement has disclosed that the intention of the US administration toward the referendum is not clean.The remark has also indicated that a hidden US plan is being implemented against the peace agreement.

It reflects that Washington, which had to support the referendum process instead, is neither an honest partner nor a neutral sponsor of any peace agreements.
But, the most important thing in this regard was the news by an Asian diplomatic source in Washington that Washington has become desperate that southern Sudan would not be a stable independent state that could serve the interests of Washington in the region.

The source said Washington is so desperate that the Sudan will unite under the SPLM rule as the latter has lost its political weight at the Sudanese political arena.
So, Washington seeks disruption of the Sudanese social fabric. In fact, the statement of Clinton is a sign that eruption of ware in Sudan before the referendum is possible.