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Thread: 'The trouble with the public sector is bone-idle staff'

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    'The trouble with the public sector is bone-idle staff'

    The public sector is plagued by "bone idle" staff and an epidemic of people taking time off sick, according to the head of one of the country's biggest fire brigades.

    Tony McGuirk, the chief officer of Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service, said there was an "epidemic of failure to deal with poor attendance" in the public sector.

    He said managers should be brave enough to root out lazy staff rather than sacrifice key infrastructure such as fire engines or stations.

    Mr McGuirk said the key was having "the muscle" to sack lazy workers.

    At his Merseyside branch, he said he had managed to become more efficient by cutting the number of firemen from 1,550 to 850 since 1991.

    At the same time, fire-related deaths had dropped by 60 per cent, and injuries by 70 per cent as a result of running a fire prevention programme alongside the cuts.

    He told a seminar: "We've got some bone-idle people in the public sector – there I said it, bone-idle people."

    He said: "Front line is fire engines and fire stations, not fire fighters. There is no need to close a fire station, we haven't touched a single fire station.

    "We provide a far better service with those 850 [firemen]; more with less."

    The full story available from here : 'The trouble with the public sector is bone-idle staff' - Telegraph

    Good for Mr. McGuirk!! He's saying in public what thousands of public service managers have been saying in private for years; virtually every area of the civil service and local government is way over-staffed and is carrying tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of idle staff who do the bare minimum amount of work they can get away with - my ex-wife #1, who's quite senior in the service these days, has been saying this ever since she first joined. I know it would mean a huge shake up, but it's about time that we got down to the serious business of showing these people that they need to show some responsibility and work to receive their pay, or they're out on their ear with the absolute minimum of benefits.

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    Re: 'The trouble with the public sector is bone-idle staff'

    I couldn't agree more. I am a retired civil servant who had to manage a team of wonderful hard working people then we recruited two new members of staff one of whom was at her desk only long enough to surf the internet and text on her phone before she became pregnant and began to suffer with so many "pregnancy-related" illnesses we could do nothing because the law protected her. The other regarded the "family friendly" working policies of the department as a licence to take every other day off because her little boy was sick, had fallen over, had a cold, etc. Neither did their fair share of the work but left it to their colleagues to cover for them which they did because they had pride in the quality of the team's work before the newcomers arrived. The standards of recruitment have fallen drastically due to having to be so politically correct.

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