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Thread: Ofsted says special needs used too widely

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    Ofsted says special needs used too widely

    Thousands of pupils are being wrongly labelled as having special educational needs when all they require is better teaching and support, Ofsted says.

    The watchdog said up to 25% of the 1.7m pupils in England identified as having special needs would not be labelled as such if schools focused more on teaching for all their children.

    It said the term "special needs" was used too widely.

    The National Union of Teachers said such claims were "insulting and wrong".
    More than a fifth of school-age students in England have been diagnosed with some form of special educational need (SEN), which range from physical disabilities to emotional and behavioural problems.

    The wide-ranging study was Ofsted's biggest yet into a system that some parents have complained draws them into long and difficult battles to secure effective support for their children.

    Inspectors visited 228 nurseries, schools and colleges in 22 local authorities, and carried out detailed case studies of 345 young people with disabilities and special educational needs.

    Ofsted's chief inspector, Christine Gilbert, said: "Although we saw some excellent support for children with special educational needs, and a huge investment of resources, overall there needs to be a shift in direction."

    Ms Gilbert told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "We felt that schools and teachers were well intentioned but they were over-diagnosing the problems - teachers in the classroom weren't confident they could deal with the problems.

    The full story available from here : BBC News - Ofsted says special needs used too widely

    From what I've seen of the education system, which was mainly through living with a now ex-partner who was the head of a large inner-city J&I school with around 100 staff, I'd have to agree with this. Not that I know a great deal about what parameters are used for the assessment of special needs, but basing my comments on several years of observation of the teachers at her school, many of whom I certainly wouldn't have employed and several others I would have sacked for sheer incompetence! I dread to think what many of our children are exposed to in certain parts of today's state education system.

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    Re: Ofsted says special needs used too widely

    I could have told Ofsted what their conclusions would be without the need or expense of a "report" God knows how much that cost the taxpayer.

    Manny ov da spesial neads chid, che,ghi, are diggenosed disslectic whitch is oranges

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