Sudan's Net oil revenue for the period July 2009 December 2009 stood at US$ 1,856.33 m. Out of the above sum, US$ 1,131.88 m represents net export revenue and US$ 724.45 m net return from crude used at local refineries.

The Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS) oil revenue share from net return during the said period stood at US$ 698.9 m, out of which the sum of US$ 485.31 being revenue from export and US$ 213.59 m being net return from crude used at local refineries.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance and National Economy, Dr. El Tayeb Abou Ganaya said at the Oil Revenue Allocation Committee Joint Meeting that direct transfers to GoSS in the same period stood at US$ 701.377 m in total, at an increase of US$ 7.097 m, on top its entitlement for the said period. He added that oil producing states' share for the same period totaled US$ 34.38 m, with the amount including net export and local revenues. This amount was divided amongst states as follows: US$ 11.99 m went to Unity State, US$ 15.88 m to Upper Nile State and US$ 6.51 m to Southern Kordofan State. The share of Abyei region as determined in the Abyei Protocol (at 8%) stood at US$6.65 m, with the amount equally divided amongst the region's states at 2% each. These states are: Southern Kordofan, Warrap States, Ngok Dinka and Messyria.

On the other hand, total oil net revenues for the period January 2010 - July 2010 stood at US$ 2,722.68 m, with total oil export revenue amounting to US$ 1,942.47 m, while return from crude used at local refineries standing at US$ 780,21 m. The total share of the national government from export and local revenue stood at US$ 1,581.61, with GoSS's total share standing at US$ 1084.44 m, of which US$ 854.98 m being export return and US$ 229.35 m being net return from crude used at local refineries.

Dr. Abou Ganaya said the total direct government transfers to GoSS during the period from the start of the current year up to July stood at US$ 1021.34 m. He added that revenue transferred to producing states for the same period stood at a total US$ 46.44 m, split as follows: Unity State: US$ 12.39 m, Upper Nile State: US$ 24.65m, Southern Kordofan State: US$ 9.40 m. On the other hand, Abyei's share out of the oil export and local revenue stood at US$ 2.08 m, divided amongst the region's states equally at 2% each.

Dr. Abou Ganaya affirmed that they welcomed the resumption of the committee's meetings under the guidance of the two partners to the Peace Agreement. He lauded the efforts of the joint technical committee in collecting and analyzing data and preparing highly transparent report with respect to the shares of the parties.

On his part, Salvatore Garang Mabiordit, the undersecretary of GoSS's ministry of finance, confirmed the accuracy of the accounts and the ratios of splitting oil revenue according to the principles of the Division of Wealth and the Abyei Protocol.