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Thread: Unions threaten strike action

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    Unions threaten strike action

    The Coalition are beavering away at assessing accurately how much and where cuts have to be made to restore our economy to a sustainable state.
    We haven't yet been told where the cuts might fall, but already the unions are threatening days of action, not seen since the Poll Tax many years ago.

    The unions were running the country under Labour and now they want more of the same under the Coalition!

    Unions threaten strikes, civil disobedience and campaign of resistance over cuts - Telegraph

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    Re: Unions threaten strike action

    Don't i know it, i've just been watching Brendan Barber on the BBC threatening the usual s**t and spouting the ususal line that we shouldn't be cutting we should be taxing more, i'd be interested to see how much stomach his members have for striking, as the unions could struggle to pay strike pay with the current state of their finances.
    Just because i'm paranoid, doesn't mean their not after me!!!

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