You can watch an excellent video of Farage, which presents his case for Farage with great clarity if you CLICK HERE

The interesting feature is so far it has within the week accrued 48,000 hits - WAY beyond his norm, many of which stall at low 1,000s. One American vid taking the Mick as a lampoon/satyrical send up of the EU did get to 1M.

Regularly Dan Hannan of the I'm Dan Hannan Party affiliated to many Tory voters but few of its leadership consistently out perform.

Farage's vid. has proved interesting as it is running at roughly 1% of hit rate leave comments - way higher than norm.

Intentionally I have tried to create a conversation as my aim is to TRY to produce from all sources an FAQ on the pros and cons of The EU and compile it as a Q&A for publication.

Any help would be appreciated - lets see if we can out perform YouTube

PLEASE ask single issue questions here and I'll try brief answers to see if we can build the brush strokes of the master picture that may well become our future.

Do be minded that less than 20% of British citizens trust The EU.

Based upon the EU's own poll quoted by Farage:

For more detail on this survey do CLICK HERE

So let us move forward to solve the basic FAQs.

Then perhaps we can consider the concepts surrounding:
'What is Britain's Exit & Survival Strategy'?

Thanks for any help you are prepared to give - let us see if we can consider the positive aspects of leaving the EU in juxtaposition with the views of the minority who wish to remain.

I am heartily sickened by the endless nihilism of UKIP as a cult rather than it providing a route to sunlit uplands!!!

There are loads of items for starters on the Comments on the You Tube clip