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Thread: Signs Of Corruption In Coming Referendum

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    sudan Guest

    Signs Of Corruption In Coming Referendum

    There are clear signs that the SPLM strategy toward the coming referendum is based on what can be described as the use of corrupted methods. Obviously, the SPLM wants to implement the same strategy it adopted during the elections last April.

    The SPLM domination to the Referendum Commission in the south is another blatant indication that the SPLM has ill-intentioned agendas with regard to the credibility and transparency of the referendum.

    The SPLM could register voters from nationalities of neighboring countries. A number of observers have fears that the SPLM will exploit the intermingling between the southern tribes and the tribes in neighboring Kenya, Uganda and Central Africa Republic and register huge numbers of foreigners in the voters' lists.

    The SPLM is also planning to bring some 1.5 million southerners from the north to the south to vote in the referendum a step that violates the interim constitution and the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. This step reveals the SPLM intention to compel the southerners to vote for secession.

    The SPLM also restricted the movements of those who support unity in public. This restriction violates the agreements on allowing the supporters of unity the opportunity to propagate for unity.

    Certainly, the said corrupted methods will negatively affect the credibility of the referendum.

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    Midas Guest

    Re: Signs Of Corruption In Coming Referendum

    <FONT=sarcastic> Corruption in African elections? Surely not; how could anyone think such a thing!</FONT>

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