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Thread: Quarter of Senior Taliban killed by SAS targetting

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    soloman Guest

    Quarter of Senior Taliban killed by SAS targetting

    The thread title above should read Quarter of SENIOR Taliban killed by SAS targetting

    This might suggest we are making progress at last in Afghanistan.
    To publicise this at this time might also have put lots of our Special Foces lives at risk?

    Quarter of senior Taliban killed by SAS in 'kill or capture' targeting - Telegraph
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    Re: Quarter of Senior Taliban killed by SAS targetting

    I can remember just a few years ago when it was announced that we could leave Afghanistan without firing a shot. How wrong that turned out to be. In fact the more troops that get pumped into Afghanistan the more body bags that are returned to Wootten Bassett. Those senior Taliban commanders will probably be replaced with others.

    Our problem has been not knowing and deciding what our aims are. Is it to remove the training camps run by al Qaeda in Afghanistan? Is it to remove the Taliban? Is it to bring democracy to a backward nation? Are we trying to help the women and children lead a better life?

    Al Qaeda have more on to Somalia or Yemen, should be invade these countries? Some have retreated to Pakistan, we certainly couldn't attack them by sending troops there.

    It is obvious that coalition troops act like a magnet to insurgents and until we retreat gracefully peace can never be restored.

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    Re: Quarter of Senior Taliban killed by SAS targetting

    I think that generally messing in other countries affairs with military action should only be taken when there is a clear and present danger to the country that's doing the invading. Unless you take the stance that you should invade any country who you think should act in a specific manner but they currently are not.

    With regards to the news piece, I personally think that we should be concentrating on small elite unit actions, moving in and taking out specific targets. This gives the Taliban less obvious targets to strike back at (large amy units with bases). So yes it is good news, I dont see how it puts our SAS at risk though unless the Taliban are terminally stupid they must know either the US or UK are behind these terminations.
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