In a time when some SPLM leaders such as the Governor of the Blue Nile State Malik Agar are claiming that the SPLM did not abandon its unionist trend, Yassir Arman, the head of north sector, say that the SPLM did not determine its stance toward the issue of unity and secession yet. In the meantime, the SPLM Secretary General Bagan Amum is launching a well-organized campaign to obtain recognition for a new state in the south Sudan.

Bagan Amum is organizing pro-secession demonstrations and preparing the flag of the anticipated state so as to wipe out any doubts that the south will remain part of Sudan.

In addition to all that, Amum made the phrase "Come Home" the slogan of his campaign of the IDPs return to give the indication that the southerners in the north are not in their country and that south Sudan is their home.
The SPLM leaders completed drawing the map of their state, and now they are preparing for future agreements with the north on the freedoms of movement, residence, possession and nationality.

Thus, the rejection of the north to any SPLM demands in this regard will not be weird. If we want to refute the SPLM call for the four freedoms agreement, we have to ask the SPLM explain the meaning of the slogan "Come Home".

This step raises the question; Why does the SPLM want freedoms in a country that is not considered a home for the southerners?.
on the other hand, if the SPLM is keen to achieve the four freedoms, why did it expel northerners from the south. Following the signing of the Naivasha Peace Agreement, many northerners in the south were subject to killing, arrest and confiscation of properties.

So, not a single wise state will hold an agreement with a country known for violating freedoms and expelling thousands from the areas under its control.
.although the north is keen to maintain bonds of fraternity with the south, but it still cannot afford the negative repercussions of the SPLM deeds pushing the southerners toward secession.

The SPLM wants to separate the south, expel the northerners from the south, and at the same time, give the southerners in the north the right to stay in the north.