UKIP Leadership Seemingly Does Itself NO Favours!..................AGAIN!


You will remember prior to the last EU election when UKIP did so well as the dustbin for people who had been duped, primarily by The Telegraph, relative to the average 700 or so overclaim by MPs over 5 years on their secondary allowances - you will recall because a few had trousered inordinate claims there was an outcry against the 3 political parties.

UKIP became the dustbin for the protest vote helped by the BNP who Nigel Farage and Mark Croucher had put a lot of effort into helping by raising their profile.

This led to UKIP getting 13 MEPs and the BNP 2 - seeming to show a hard core racist, Islamaphobic, anti Jewish core to the British electorate with 15 MEPs. This of course was a misrepresentation as without the help from Farage and Croucher in raising the BNP profile and had there been responsible reporting by The Telegraph explaining what they branded 'The Westminster expenses Scandal' The BNP were on route for oblivion and UKIP was expected AND expecting 3 to 5 MEPs if it was lucky.

UKIP's real support was shown in the General Election when they got only 3.1% of the vote.

In fact even those figures misrepresent the actual 'cause'. UKIP could well be sittin, even with a First Past The Post (FPTP) voting system with possibly 20 - 60 MPs at Westminster now or even perhaps more.

UKIP has an incredibly popular message, and STATED core values, aims and principles - in fact the aim to leave the Political EUropean Union and the catastrophic and dishonest Monetary Union which we squander 45,000,000 per DAY on proping up as a nett, nett contributor whilst deriving absolutely no benefit - is it any wonder that the majority of British voters want these obscene and unaccounted excesses curtailed.

Every one of these voters could reasonably have been expected to vote UKIP.

Why did they not, the core value of UKIP as a brand name in terms of voter recognition is at about 17M. so the Organ itself is shiny, popular, looks good and is widely recognised - the tune is incredibly popular and populist and a majority of the British people know it and sing it.

Ipso facto the crowds gather and vote for UKIP returning a substantial number of MPs at Westminster!

Well actually NO.

So why is this when UKIP is so clearly popular?

I believe that UKIp initially interests that majority but then they see the lack of an organ grinder so the tune is at all the wrong speeds and keeps introducing misplaced bits of melody and there is a performing monkey in a little pin striped suit which has quite a good act but keeps stealing from the crowd and loves fermented fruit and makes a fool of itself on a regular basis and it is surrounded with useless chattering little monkeys that spend their time squabbling and brawling and the pasrasites on these monkeys keep leaping off them towards the crowd and defacating on and biting the crowd.

That sadly is the story of UKIP and why they only get 3.1% of the public to vote for them and why out of 19,000 electable offices they only hold less that 30 by election!

UKIP monkeys even make themselves violently unpopular with other teams of similar monkeys both the howler monkeys, the chattering monkeys and the big apes for instance they will spike their guns as they did with Declan Ganley's half baked Libertas micro monkeys - it does seem as if that is the primary task of Bridget Rowe one of UKIP's monkey's parasites (as reveilled in Fleet Street!) who has now teamed up with the hapless and hopeless James Pryor another parasite that was attracted by UKIP's monkey and we expect Malcolm Pearson (yet another that has hopped off) to arrive and front them soon.

Seemingly with the childish and irritating aim of aiding the big apes in the EU by trying to spike Nikki Sinclaire's cross party petition for a referendum details of which can be found if you CLICK HERE
If you just wish to sign the petition CLICK HERE
or if you want a general look at the petition and how you can help CLICK HERE

It really is a case of the higher up the tree the monkey climbs the more you see its Rs and a monkey in pinstripe is a monkey no less.

I hope this helps people to understand why UKIP as a party is so catastrophic with only 3.1% of the electorate prepared to vote for them despite a huge majority liking both the organ and its tune.