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Salmond and Murdoch plus corporation tax

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The media have tried to manipulate stories in the past to attack Salmond in the hope that it will hit him adversely. Nothing has stuck and I foresee this going the same way An SNP spokesaman said in Alex Salmond admits he planned to lobby Jeremy Hunt over BSkyB | Politics |

I don't know how this can be assumed. The anti SNP media - all the other newspapers and the BBC - more than made up for the Sun's support (Sun's circulation 314,823, Record 267,075, Mail 108,047, Express 63,241 etc see allmediascotland). In the West of Scotland, where I believe the Daily Record holds sway, the SNP also did extremely well.

Before the exposure by the Levinson New Corps hacking inquiry which revealed the power of Murdoch's pernicious influence over British politicians, it was almost a certainty up till that time whichever party Murdoch's Sun supported, won elections. The SNP in Scotland had clean hands as it had never been in power and had strong nationalistic appeal. The Sun is read by many grass root natural normal a-political Labour party voters [not Tory voters], and with the incumbent Labour government, which was no doubt feeling the strain of office led by an unelected unpopular gaff prone Prime Minister, I would suggest that Murdoch's Sun had a major influence on the outcome of the election and this was a deal struck between Murdoch and Salmond.

What the exact deal was we can only guess at, but you know as well as I do that Rupert Murdoch doesn't do favours for any politician unless there's something in it for him, a promise of some thing that would be financially rewarding, and or increasing his influence and power in the country he has [or had] interfered politically using his media clout.
Salmond is no better than Thatcher, Blair, Brown or Cameron in this respect he was prepared to deal with with the devil to gain office giving Murdoch a foot in the door of political decision making in Scotland.



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