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Federal reserve plant on mpc...says ons is not a reliable source for statistics

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[QUOTE=coalition;500421][B]Alec dismantles controversial taskforce after big firms cut ties[/B]

[COLOR=#666666][B][FONT=arial]Rightwing lobby group forced to make strategtic retreat from social and electoral issues in wake of Trayvon Martin shooting:[/FONT]
The British Chancellor, like his peers in Europe, refuses to acknowledge this reality. Instead he is trapped by an ideological aversion to the role of government, and by a misplaced understanding of the role of public finance in the economy. Despite the fact that government has access to unlimited finance via the Bank of England, the Chancellor pretends that he is constrained by private financial markets. And instead of exercising economic leadership by spurring on the public investment that will revive the private sector, the Chancellor sits on his hands.
The Atlantic Bridge Research and Education Scheme[/B] was an educational charity founded in 1997 with Margaret Thatcher as its President to promote [URL=""]Atlanticism[/URL], a philosophy of cooperation between the United Kingdom and the United States regarding political, economic, and defence issues. It was set up by [URL=""]Liam Fox[/URL], former [URL=""]Secretary of State for Defence[/URL] of the United Kingdom.[SUP][URL=""][1][/URL][/SUP]Cabinet ministers, [URL=""]Michael Gove[/URL], [URL=""]George Osborne[/URL] and [URL=""]William Hague[/URL][SUP][URL=""][2][/URL][/SUP] and Chris Grayling have previously sat on its advisory panel, as have American senators, [URL=""]Jon Kyl[/URL], [URL=""]Lindsey Graham[/URL] and [URL=""]Joe Lieberman[/URL]. The organistion's principal staff included Catherine Bray (US Executive Director), [URL=""]Adam Werritty[/URL] (UK Executive Director) and Kara Watt (Operations Director).[SUP][URL=""][2][/URL][/SUP][/FONT][/COLOR]
[COLOR=#000000][FONT=sans-serif]It was dissolved in September 2011, following a critical report from the [URL=""]Charity Commission[/URL] the previous year.

It only gets dirtier and more insane, every time Osbourne speaks.[/FONT][/COLOR]