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Federal reserve plant on mpc...says ons is not a reliable source for statistics

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[QUOTE=coalition;498953]Adam Posen, who also sideswiped at Pres. Obama's economic monetary polices, so we note that he is a GOP/TP Demented, inmate: stated numerous times today, that the ONS are up the creek, when it comes to the quality of Official Data. Does this place in question all those who frequently post the ONS stats. to evidence their fallacious arguments, in many cases, perhaps, I should say sermons on the Mount. It cannot get any worse as they, the BOE, claim that " MPC has little faith in figures from the ONS, particularly on Growth.
Anyway, don't despair, one is not quite stupid enough not to grasp the fact that Brideshead and his Yankee cronies, which includes the now totally discredited ALEC Nazi organisation, are being stymied in their lying attempts tp paint a Rosy picture of the future financial success of his utterly discredited monetary policies...consider this a prelude to the closure of the ONS, thus leaving the poodle OBR, his own deluded creation, as the single source...for issuing ridiculous, stupid and misleading statistics. Oh! what it is to have a Neo Nazi Dictatorship in 10 Dirt St.[/QUOTE]