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No money invested in Businesses....yet, they get taxpayer handouts from the Taxpayers.

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[QUOTE=coalition;496891]The financial insanity is evident, in the clammy Tory hands of Droopy Cameo, bowing down to the clamour from the Tax Dodgers, against the loss of one minor ruse they use to not pay for the pleasure of living off the people of this country. We have already been led like Pigs to the slaughter house, into the belief that handing out copious quantities of taxpayers money to the Richest people on this Earth, is a very necessary thing.
A teeny amount of common sense, would have helped us to grasp the stupidity of this false ideal, even basic nature shows us that, when we have Cuckoos in the nest...our own offspring have to die in order to feed them.

[LEFT][COLOR=#000000][FONT=georgia]“In a way, the United States is becoming like Old Europe, which is very strange in historical perspective,” Mr. Piketty said. “The United States used to be very egalitarian, not just in spirit but in actuality. Inequality of wealth and income used to be much larger in France. And very high taxes on the very rich — that was invented in the United States,” he said.[/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#000000][FONT=georgia]Mr. Saez added, “Absent drastic policy changes, I doubt that income inequality will decline on its own.[/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]The two economists’ project of mapping income inequality started two decades ago, when Mr. Saez was teaching at Harvard and Mr. Piketty teaching down the road at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Are we ever going to wake up from being in thrall to these lying chiselers, and kick their greedy arses, across the pond to whatever sleazy TAX haven they threaten to scarper too...but without our handouts to keep them in the luxury we have paid for over the past 60 years.
No more sponging Cuckoos are wanted in the United Kingdom.[/COLOR][/LEFT]