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The granny tax con.

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What's the point of Osborne introducing a tax on the basic pension before any other income [small or large] is taken into account? It's already included and added to other income for tax purposes so it's in effect already taxed but the percentage taken is lower.

He might as well reduce the basic pension by 20% and be done with which is in fact what he is doing by a stand alone tax on the basic pension. This is another way to punish pensioners who are living from hand to mouth while quoting that the pre WW2 pensioners and Baby Boomer's are too well off. Some pensioners may be able to absorb this increased hit but others who are living on nothing but their state pension will find it harder to survive but..............Hey Ho.........who cares, they're just casualties of the arbitrary cuts by the bullingdon buffoons living in the country piles supping their champagne
Osborne and Cameron are attempting to be like slight of hand magicians when it comes fairness, now you see it, now you don't.



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