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The Climate Change Threat in a Small Nutshell (1)

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There are only a few things one need understand in order to grasp the magnitude of this threat.

The first of these is the following.

Every human system extant--our economic and political systems, our systems for food production, for water purification and distribution, for energy generation and delivery, for transportation, communication, and all else...all rest on underlying natural systems.

"Rest on" implies a direct dependence relationship. All of our human systems depend on ecosystems, hydrological systems, physical and chemical and biological processes.

And nearly all of those natural systems (basically, everything except sunlight and the diurnal pattern...and in extreme cases, even the latter) depend on climate.

Which is why, if significant climate change occurs, there is a real possibility that most or all of our man-made systems will be upset, will become inefficient or unstable, or very possibly will implode.

All at once.

Or at least, in rapid succession.

We (here in the US, for example) could deal with extended drought in the southwest. We could also deal with mega-storms that gut our coastal cities. We could handle sharp drops in crop production. We could deal with outbreaks of cholera, malaria, dengue fever. We could even deal with sea levels rising several feet. Some Wall Street traders would have to learn to kayak to work until new accommodations were found.

What we couldn't do, is deal with all of these crises all at once.

Or, again, in rapid succession.

So this is the first thing to bear in mind: when real climate change comes (so far we've only had a foretaste), all the wheels will come off simultaneously.


  1. coalition's Avatar
    What is the panic, why should webe different to Dinosaurs? Nature has known that Homo Sapiens were a dangerous error almost from the beginning, it has rained down every disease and virus it can, to get rid of such an unnatural abomination: only our vicious ingenuity has kept us from, nature is switching of the Planet, in the vane hope that will do nicely.....nature is surely an arse**le, we're tougher than even that......stop panicking.


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