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Pushing for a new politico-economic vision

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In my previous blog I have written about the need for a new economic vision at the global level. It is not just economic but a politico-economic vision, since any new policy decision has to be finally political.

I believe that if most people in the world, if given a chance, would opt for an economic system that is humane and gives priority to wellness rather than material prosperity. In other words they would opt for Gross National Wellness rather than Gross Domestic Product (as explained in my previous blog).

For a government to adopt GNW as the chief index to monitor and modify policy decisions, the government itself should consist of people's representatives who are in constant touch with the needs of the people and who have the selfless attitude to put people's interest ahead of their own.

In other words a new political system that can facilitate people-friendly representatives coming to power (as opposed to party-friendly representatives) has to be ushered in. The independent network in UK is an excellent beginning in this direction.

However there is still need for a system where the day to day needs are well expressed by the voters and the voters' views count at the time of elections. Such an arrangement needs to be combined with an ideal way of choosing our representatives.

This new politico-economic vision can be given a chance to become a reality by designing a web platform as detailed in this link:

Thanks to ongoing contribution from some IT professionals, it is hoped that the proposed would become a reality soon. Though the proposed design is for India, it can be easily adapted for other nations. Alternatively people from other nations can go ahead and design web platforms along similar lines.

It is time that people press forward for a change in the politico-economic system. Already they are doing it - the trans-national Occupy Wall Street movement is an expression of the deep felt discontent with the prevailing global politico-economic system and was waiting to happen.

It is question of time before people's will is channelized in a more organized way, aided by the reach and power of internet. A grass-roots level revolution at the global level is waiting to happen.
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  1. coalition's Avatar
    The Tottenham Spring; has indeed come, and not gone. The cowardly assassination of the no-good Duggan is still being batted from desk to desk, latest news being that there will be no inquest, even when it is clear it was police murder.

    The Dictatorship is schmoozing the Army, who detest their guts, and they think that by appointing Political, rather than Professional, soldiers, the people won't stuff their slavery up their arses.

    Ho hum for our Modern Major General in 10 Dirt St SW1. Libya is not to be spoken of..what a f**k up that was. A least they now know they are nothing but shitty little's jobs are for men, not twisted lying politicos.

    We will see how far their [B]placements[/B] will get them..the moves for the succession, between the Spence-rs and the Windsors, will soon become more public...we will then have a window of opportunity.


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