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I'm a single-issue voter now

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Never would've thought I'd consider just one issue to the exclusion of all others. Single-issue voters always struck me as...obsessive. To put it charitably.

However. In the past 15 months or so (as of March 2012), I have read 35-40 monographs on climate change. And I have come to think the following statement is entirely reasonable:

It is possible, and even probable, that climate change will bring an end to human civilization by the end of this century.

I will, by and by, explain why I believe this to be true. IAC anyone who accepts the above statement as plausible must ipso facto base her political decisions on the putative consequences for the climate. Because there is no more pressing issue.

Not even nuclear war constitutes a threat on the same scale. In a generation, perhaps two, we would recover from nuclear war.

Catastrophic climate change would alter the planet's climate nearly irrevocably. For many centuries, at least.

It is my considered opinion that climate change is the greatest single threat mankind has ever faced.



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