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China and Russia, save Syria from carpetbaggers

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[B]I will say that that was a good days work for Syria, China and Russia have saved the Syrian people from being swindled, like Iraq, of $Trillions by this scavenging horde of American, British, French and Germans.

UN Resolutions, no matter the wording, are, as in Iraq and Libya, interpreted to the financial advantage of the putative saviours. Hilarious Hilary and her gang, may whinge as much as they like.....but, the people of the US do not want another War, no matter how profitable it will be for some.[/B]

[B]China and Russia know this, and will stop these refinancing wars.[/B]
How could this s**t, UN, US and UK, care for Syria, when they are destroying their own people, for their own gain, without a smidgen of concern, in fact it is the opposite, they love doing it.[/B]

[B]Syria unrest: Clinton and Hague back Arab League plan at UN[/B]
Resolution calling for Bashar al-Assad to step down wins support of 10 security council members necessary to force a vote[/B]

[URL=""]Hillary Clinton[/URL], [URL=""]William Hague[/URL] and Alain Juppé are due at the UN security council in New York on Tuesday to support an Arab League plan to end the violence in [URL=""]Syria[/URL] and to try to overcome Russian-led opposition to a UN-backed demand for political change in Damascus.
As Syrian forces poured into Damascus districts to wrest them from rebel control, a joint European-Arab resolution calling for [URL=""]Bashar al-Assad[/URL] to hand power to his deputy as a prelude to political transition won the support of the 10 security council member states necessary to force a vote.
Diplomats at the UN said that a vote on the resolution, formally presented by Morocco, was likely by Thursday, after the council considers a report on the Syrian situation by the Arab League secretary general, Nabil Elaraby, and the Qatari prime minister, Hamad Bin Jassim, on Tuesday followed by an ambassadors' meeting on Wednesday aimed at finding a compromise formula acceptable to Russia, Assad's principal supporter on the world stage.
"We believe the UN must act to support the people of Syria and that Russia can no longer explain blocking the UN and providing cover for the regime's brutal repression," a Downing Street spokeswoman said.
Juppé's spokesman, Bernard Valero said: "The goal of tomorrow's ministerial meeting is to ensure that the security council has an opportunity to listen to the report by the Arab League, which has been involved on the ground since the end of December, and that it is able to support its efforts and recommendations."
Moscow, which has threatened to veto the security council resolution, views it as a western-backed attempt to open the door to military intervention. The Russian foreign ministry announced on Monday that the Syrian government had accepted an invitation to peace talks, [B]but the opposition National Syrian Council told Reuters it had not been asked and would not take part.[/B]


  1. coalition's Avatar
    [COLOR=#4A4A4A][FONT=arial][I]They say:[/I]
    [I]"In general, the combination of authoritarian rule, high unemployment, poor opportunities for social advancement, demographic youth bulges, low public investment in education and health and other public services, and anger at high levels of corruption, and outright thievery, in the Middle East and North Africa, and in Latin America, will prompt public uprisings that will topple their leaders. Chavez, Assad are definitely in this list after their close friend Gadhafi has moved on to better pastures, in hell! Needless to say, the Cuban government also needs to be overthrown!"[/I]
    Have they not been out and about lately?
    Imposed Government in Greece and Italy, UK is a virtual desert of unemployment, opportunity and freedoms; also a Dictatorship, imposing theft taxes and Benefit cuts, giving less for more, breaking up our National Health Service, our Schools, any service which can be gifted over to failed Private Management....constant surveillance and intimidation of those who protest against being exploited. And, it is even worse in USA.
    UN Resolutions are now quite suspect. They were manipulated in Iraq and Libya, to allow the US to virtually pillage the country, which they did. Libya is aware but, still is allowing the US to give 'Financial advice'...can't think why, they messed up their own, in terms of this 'advice' Libya will pay dearly. Some will benefit but not the people. These are usually offers in the vane off..take it or else.
    Syria is tragic of course, before we can aid Syria we need to regain our own freedoms. I suggest that we leave the Arabs to worry about their own, it won't happen as the vultures want the Oil, it is not a concern we can cope with at this time. We are trying to clean up our own Stables.