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I have said it before and say it again, only losers dawdle.

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[QUOTE=coalition;418646]The IMF wants a $ Trillion to 'save the Economy:

[LEFT][COLOR=#000000][FONT=Lucida Grande]Do they actually understand economics, across the Road from them is the FED, handing out $ confetti to their crooked little Banksters, which you with many other millions of poor souls will have to starve to pay for.
A Trillion is about enough to stave of the inevitable, for a few months, on all Economic Charts that is just about when the bubble blows, and Default is in progress. It is no longer if, just when. The wealthy investors are ordering governments to insure they are repaid before the great event...otherwise?
To do this they must have taxpayers' money, nobody else would be stupid enough, and as governments (politicians) are busy looking after their 'friends' and families there is little enough of that be spreading it out to worthless causes such as Spain, Greece, who desperately want to Default, Ireland, Hungry, who are about to Default, Italy, who cannot avoid it and would only be a complete waste.
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