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Peace in our time

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[QUOTE=coalition;380702]Bush, the historical cowards's version of Corporate No Law, is coming to the UK: commit as many frauds on the Taxpayer as you can and when your fraudster tricks are exposed, simply pay a whooping great fine which allows you to continue with as much criminal activity as you wish. HSBC has swindled old aged pensioners for years, they paid off the nasty regulators and had their swindling licence renewed.

US -style justice for the City (Sunday Times...bottom of front page of Business section: is that understandable for the odd ones who find it a chore to Google UK; Jonathan Russel writes...Plea bargaining to settle serious financial crimes could be introduced as early as next year according to politicians and legal experts. Obviously going to be a bumper Xmas and a wonderful depression time for somebody then, guaranteed fortunes in pay-offs from our criminal Banksters, with taxpayers' money of course.
What I don't understand is that being already in the City no justice zone anyway, why do they need to copy the criminal USA, They have had no JUSTICE for generations, unless you are unlucky enough not to be a wealthy financial Bankster. In fact they have destroyed the Global monetary system but, what else can be expected from a country who owes the World.
Breaking News:
We are now out of that filthy EU at last: Murky and Sarkozy are forming a new EU Treaty.Hurrah![/QUOTE]