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Peace in our time

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[QUOTE=coalition;368533][B]This couldn't happen in England, could it? naw, our Press are 3 Blind Monkeys.[/B]

Over the past few days we have seen a trruly remarkable and even more truly frightening occurrence, one I never thought I’d see in America. Legitimate reporters are not being allowed to cover the news and it’s happening all across our country. In a recent report, Reporters Without Borders raised concerns about the number of incidents in which credentialed reporters have been forcefully and physically prevented from covering police attacks on OWS encampments and the disparity in the legal outcome of their arrest. In part. their report says:
“Sometimes they are arrested and then set free almost immediately. Sometimes they are arrested and, before being released, are charged with unlawful assembly, disorderly conduct or lack of press credentials.
Journalists covering the Occupy Wall Street movement’s protests and marches are not only exposed to police brutality but also to a sort of judicial lottery when detained. The situation varies from state to state, according to local laws, but the freedom to report news and information is being violated almost everywhere, not only for professional journalists but also for bloggers and for activists who want to cover the protests themselves.
The other question is the very variable nature of the charges – sometimes maintained, sometimes dropped – that are brought against these people for ‘offences’ that are essentially identical. In the name of the constitutionally-enshrined right to receive and impart news and information, we call on the courts to dismiss all the charges against individuals who have been covering these demonstrations peacefully.”
From the Eurasia Review[/QUOTE]