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Oh damn!

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[QUOTE=coalition;363700]Oh damn it is :
[LEFT][COLOR=#000000][FONT=Lucida Grande]
[B]You thought houses were meant to provide a place for people to live and office buildings a place for people to work.
[/B][/FONT][/COLOR][B][COLOR=#000000][FONT=Lucida Grande]You thought food was meant to be eaten, oil and gas to be turned into energy, and metals to be turned into cars, bridges and downspouts.
[/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#000000][FONT=Lucida Grande]You weren’t sophisticated enough to realize that these really are just different “asset classes” meant to give investors around the world something to speculate in and to diversify their portfolios.[/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#000000][FONT=Lucida Grande]Even worse, you actually believed all that stuff about prices being set based on market fundamentals.
Little did you know that it’s no longer the supply and demand for companies, houses, office buildings, natural gas or wheat that sets prices. More likely it’s the supply and demand for the futures, swaps and other derivative instruments linked to those things.
[/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#000000][FONT=Lucida Grande]Maybe they thought we wouldn’t notice that the financialization of the economy brought with it higher prices and a more volatile
[/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#000000][FONT=Lucida Grande]
You all thought wrong....didn't you?[/FONT][/COLOR][/B][/LEFT]