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With the labour party still unwilling to shoulder any blame for the financial crisis along with bankers.
Can we ever trust them again or are they heading into another 10 years of being in the wilderness.
Have the labour party moved so far to the right that they no longer represent the workers of this country, but only strive to please the middle classes.
This government is hammering the workers of this country to there knees, with its pension cuts reductions in benefits and the targeting of the disabled in our society.
The labour party seems to have lost its way totally there seems to be no defence of its core vote the working people.
The unions that are threatening strike action are correct to do so because the austerity programme only affects the poor not the bankers and capitalist who created this mess. its the only voice the people have
so why should there member's the hard working people of this country pay for the criminal behaviour of the elite in our society,
and Mr milliband is wrong to condemn these strikes as this is the voice of the people, the hard working people of our nation saying enough is enough .
This is why the labour party has lost 200,000 members because of weak leadership and the shift to the right in this party will only damage it even more.
Does Mr miliband not see that the working people of this country are fed up with politicians walking all over them and making them pay for the mistakes of the elite.
without strike action nothing would change this government would rail roads its policy's through to the detriment of the hard working people of this country.



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