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Is it true

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That this government wants to scrap the minimum wage act and allow employers to decide what you are worth.
Mr Cameron as already stated that he wants employers in deprived areas to be able to opt out of the minimum wage act, surely this will only create more poverty, in areas that are already deprived and create a new underclass of society.
This can can only breed more resentment in our society and create more unrest and instability, but perhaps that's the aim of this government the more of the working class that are criminalised the easier it will be to control them.
This government is trying to turn the clock back to where you have no option but to work for what an employer deems you are worth .
this is about capitalists gaining control over the workers and with no benefits system to fall back on are we to see the re-introduction of the workhouse for the new under class .
Mr cameron and the social elite are trying to create.
Are we really going to go back to those dark days of real poverty for whole sections of society, where class is defined by whether you can afford to keep your family or not.
Is this really the future of Mr Cameron Britain


  1. angelrow's Avatar
    This from a goverment who use the catch phrase "we are in this together".The most common thing that is said in these parts is they all piss in the same pot. Well its time that pot was emptied and refilled by people who have a real intrest in saving this country and making it great again
  2. actnow's Avatar
    I could not agree more our whole electoral system seems to be corrupted by wealth and their is no longer any party that supports working people in this country.
    I believe the system is so corrupted because they are all funded by the bankers and capitalist elite, which is why policy's such as taxation are so unfairly imposed and big business is allowed to ride rough shod over the system and avoid taxes where if a common person did this they would be jailed
  3. TIM's Avatar
    Yes we certainly will have to return to the workhouse era. Consider the closure of care homes. How can the Government afford benefits when we have too many people? People from other countries, have worked for along time very hard and taken less than the minimum wage from some companies or employers and certainly less than the normal rate of pay for that post. Agreeing with the previous comment, the country is run for the wealthy, which every party is in power. The well paid need to take a cut in wages and redistribute wealth. I myself, would be prepared to do that.


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