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Absolute Scum

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This culture of anti social arrogance and violence has been prevalent since the 60s the rot set in when the first the first offspring of the 50s migrants started school. It started with small gangs in state schools intent on preventing the teaching of students, disrupting classes making it difficult for teachers to do their job. The sheer scale of this was a new phenomenon and no one knew how to handle this. I can vouch for this as my son was one of the victims of this mindless activity which was also the reason for the deterioration of education in state schools. during the 60s which went slowly downhill since.

From this, the local gang culture was born, and over the years all hues of governments and parties back peddled and bent over backward to placate and excuse this behavior. I'm a Labour man to the core, but living in Islington I could see which direction this sub culture was heading. All political parties [in their naivety} in their answer to the problem was to try to was to pump money in to youth schemes [very natural in the normal order of things] but did so by ignoring to a large extent the developing undercurrent of the gang and drug culture developing on the large housing estates in working class areas, in which youth centers while well intentioned was no answer the to the problem. We had plenty of warnings of what these low lives were capable of In Brixton and Toxteth, thet laid low and festered over the years dealing their poisonous drugs to fund their "gangster" lol life style. and pollute whole sections of naive youth who began to ape them

We have now witnessed the result of misreading and in many cases ignoring outright criminality of the workshy drug pushing sewer rats in these inner city estates who have no morals, empathy, or respect for society, who want instant wealth and "fame" and flash cars that they see owned by host of moronic gyrating girl and boy bands, many rapping their anti social crap encouraged by the media.

Some good may come out of the events of the last few days, insofar as these cretins have shot their last bolt by their animal like actions in their aims to destroy lives and property. The gloves are off and no amount of excuses for their actions from within their communities or outside of them will convince the British public again that society is to blame for their degenerate actions. The inner city gangs are based in the yardie drug dealing gangs of Jamaica where gun crime is the norm and decent citizens of that country live in fear of their lives from the kind of thugs we have recently witnessed operating in our cities.

I feel that any more complaints about Real affirmative action against this abominable sewer pit of the human race will fall on deaf ears. The problem is the prisons are full almost to capacity so Cameron and co have problem here. The proposed government reductions in the military and police numbers have to be dumped, and if need be, increased, with the police in the event of riot, allowed to use baton rounds against these thugs. Also Blackberry had better get it's act together and withdraw the facility of encrypted messaging which was the means by which this scum managed to outwit the police.


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    As some one whom claims to be labour party member your views your views are very right wing, i would suggest very much in tune with the modern labour party blue tie brigade.
    which is exactly why over 200,000 members have deserted the the labour party in this country, because they pander more to the middle classes than the working man/women of this once proud nation.
    some of your views i whole heartedly agree with, but i think the true reasons we are seeing riots on our streets is

    Disenfranchised youth and the riots

    For many years now successive governments have been cutting youth services in this country, we have virtually no youth clubs system any more even funding on sport and recreation has been cut to the bone.
    We have record numbers of young unemployed approximately 951,000 of our young people are unemployed with 204,000 of these being 16 to 17 year olds and still rising with the abolition of the ema they have no prospects of employment or education on the horizon.
    They have no clubs to go to and no sports teams they can join even Sunday league football is none existent it lots of areas now, just what are these young people supposed to do.
    The state does not care they have no voice how are they supposed to affect change; they take to the streets because itís there only option, which is soon hijacked by the thugs and the criminal element in our society and we see mass rioting, with people helping themselves to whatever they can get hold of (which is just what the politician bankers and social elite get away with day in day out along with peers being released from jail after nine weeks of a nine month sentence if this was someone who had fiddle there housing benefit they would of been serving years not weeks or months ) and the police standing by and watching because it serves the purpose of the police force to do so because of impending government cuts, so the rioting escalates.
    Shops looted and burned property destroyed and many innocent people injured and killed.
    The government issues a no nonsense approach and lots of young people are criminalised and jailed, including people who made stupid comments on social network sites, so now we have lots of young people with criminal records who stand even less chance of gaining employment some possibly rightly so.
    But at the same time these young people are seeing the social elite in our society getting away with far worse crimes with no prosecutions, what kind of message is this to these young people.
    If we disenfranchise our young and take everything away from them, what should we expect to happen, if they just sat at home and played on games consoles? They would be wrong, (the lazy feckless youth) if they form gangs and hang around on street corners they would be wrong, but just what they are supposed to do, these young people see no future in this country.
    We cannot just consign our youth to the long term unemployed, by doing so we are demoralising a whole generation, these young people are our future too the future tax payers that will keep our system going.
    By doing this we create more violence on our streets because they form gangs some get involved in drugs and crime
    And violent behaviour or just general nuisance in their neighbourhoods all created because society puts them at the bottom of the pile.
    This problem is not going to go away in fact it is a growing problem, when is someone going to realise that if the issues are not addressed we are going to see far worse on our streets than the august 2011 riots we are storing up a potential time bomb because these people are the electorate of tomorrow and with no faith in our system as it is they will want to effect change, which may not be change we wish to see.
    There needs to be someone in the government that engages with these young people not just belittles them all the time and cuts the services that affect them the most.
    For many years now we have been crying in this country about skill shortages, why has training our youth in these skills not been a priority, because itís cheaper to bring in migrant workers from Eastern Europe and the capitalists only care about profits not people, we cannot blame our young people for taking to the streets the system has to change, unfortunately it is not possible to protest peacefully in this country any more without the subversive elements becoming involved and everyone being tarred with the same brush.
    We are in the worst recession this country has seen for over 30 years and it is only going to get worse because I believe, we have not yet seen the full extent of the banking debt crisis which is why Mr. Osborne will not implement the banking reforms because some banks may collapse if he does.
    With Mr. Osbornes austerity measures are only affecting the working classes how can we be all in it together, when the people that caused the crisis in first place get more in bonuses than I earn in a year.
    They cannot be feeling the pressures of ever increasing fuel and utility bills the same as the ordinary working people of this country or the old couple who have had their care reduced because of council cut backs, or the elderly who will freeze to death this winter because they cannot afford the utility bills.
    We sure as hell are not all in it together are we.
    There is a study just published by the IFS that concludes just what I am saying that it is the working people of this country who are bearing the brunt of Mr. Osbornes austerity programme.
    The study goes on to say that the people most affected are the people who can least afford it, the bottom half of the income bracket and that income in these brackets has fallen by an average 3.5% the largest single drop in income since 1981(The Thatcher years) effectively returning incomes to the level of 2004 and that the decline in these income brackets will continue until at least 2014 and could continue to drop for up to 10 yrs.
    With growth forecasts being downgraded and the building industry beginning to stagnate, and UK output falling the recession is only just beginning to take real effect.
    The health bill going through the lords will again create chaos because I believe it is the first steps to privatisation and the Americanisation of our health care system, which will affect us all in some way because the sick and disabled in this country will not be able to afford health care, the government are already targeting disabled people by stopping there benefits and forcing them on to job seekers allowance, we all agree the benefits system needs to change but this government is using these change to target the vulnerable in our society in order to say we have cut millions of the benefits system.
    This government has not finished either Mr. Cameron as already stated that he want employers in deprived areas to be able to opt out of the minimum wage act.
    This will create a new under class in our society with people unable to live on what they earn and less and less being paid in benefits, who knows we may even see the re-introduction of the workhouse .
    Is it any wonder our young people and disenfranchised and have no faith in our society any longer while the capitalists get richer by the day and we all pay for their reckless? Criminal behaviour


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