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Are the Lib Dem leadership traitors to their cause?

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Clegg and co had a choice, they may argue that the Labour brand was tired and tainted and that they had to make the other choice on the basis of the pre election promises made by Cameron to the electorate. In the mix, was the attraction of the power and the glory of ministerial posts in government. The glint in Vince Cables eyes during the negotiations of trying to form a coalition government as they went from one meeting to another told me they couldn't believe their luck at the outcome of the election result.

Lets suppose we accept the Lib Dem argument about the choice they made. After over a year in office they can see that that all of the promises made by Cameron to the electorate have been broken.They were stiched up on the AV referendum by Cameron and the Tory and Murdoch press who had no intention of allowing it to be discussed in a neutral way.. They are now left propping up a right wing ideologically driven Tory party that has ceded nothing of consequence the LibDems and are being used by the Tories to drive through an excessive austerity program which constitutes an attack on the social fabric of Britain.

After all of this they still hang on to their ministerial cars and salarys, hanging their heads in shame. If they want to regain any semblance of self respect they have to leave the coalition now, after the electorate and themselves have seen the real meaning of and aims of the Tory party, and vote independently with their their true Liberal consciences if they have any left. The Tories have been exposed for what they are a lying dishonest party of millionaires who conned Clegg and co to become their partners in crimes against society, if they did this they may still retain some loyalty of the Lib Dem voters who have been deceived.



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