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Where do we go from here?

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We cannot, as a people, make serious progress without aggregating and galvanizing the
power and efforts of the apparently powerless for social development, economic growth
and political advancement. Development must be of the people, by the people, and for the
people. It must grow from the base to the apex. To have a workable medium-term
strategic policy for development, we must know ourselves and we must understand the
world and the environment we live in. We have land and people. But our land is grossly
under- utilized and badly exploited, thereby leading our environment to great waste and
degradation. Our people are generally uneducated, unskilled and grossly under-employed,
under-utilized, under-fulfilled and consequently poorly remunerated with poor health

Today, I believe you have greater opportunities but diminished hope. One of such
opportunities is this workshop gathering here today. You should use the greater
opportunities and awareness that you have to create greater hope and a better future.
Development is not what others can do for you or what you can enjoy in other people’s
country, but what you can do for yourselves and enjoy in your own country. The
countries that we admire today and where you would like to spend your holidays as
developed countries because things work there have had to pay the price and make the
sacrifice for development. They had done the first things first –work before pleasure,
production before consumption, investment before returns and profit.

The tragedy of the present situation is that the food supply position in relation to national
needs has so rapidly deteriorated from its original position of insufficiency that some
people have become dejected due to their inability to feed themselves and their families.
Some women abandoned their children due to their inability to feed them. Some men
have committed suicide for lack of the means to sustain their families. A perceptible
number of our citizens have become physically and mentally sick due, largely, to
insufficient nutrient supply or from the complications of life which result from a poorly
ordered society. Some streets in some of our cities are disgracefully littered with beggars,
mentally-sick persons and, occasionally, with dead bodies.

Economic indicators are essentially monetary and do not adequately reflect the true
welfare, human-oriented or social aspects of livelihood. While GNP is simple and
convenient to measure, it nevertheless fails to indicate the quality of human life in the
country. It reflects unduly and is weighted more heavily by the income of the rich than of
the poor. Some estimates show that up to 60% of the total national income may be
consumed by only the 10% rich and privileged. In societies with great inequities, still
fewer people consume larger portions of the national luxuries add up to GNP, with no
discernible benefit to the vast majority of the community

And where do we go from here


  1. Iziahlights's Avatar
    We need to start again, we are all resigned to a two party political system. In all honesty I am not surprised we have been blind up until and no doubt continuing past this point.
    No democracy stands a chance when only two political parties effectively exist, and no democracy stands a chance in the current political system. We need to strip it and start again.