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Don't pay any more Debt off...its only keeping us poor!

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Everything is for sale, even those areas of life once considered sacred, such as

health and education, culture and heritage, genetic codes and seeds, and natural

resources such as air and water. Increasingly, these services and resources are

controlled by a handful of transnational corporations who shape national and

international law to suit their interests. The Washington-based Institute for Policy

Studies reports that the top two hundred corporations are now so big that their

total sales surpass the combined economies of 182 countries and they have

almost twice the economic clout of the poorest four-fifths of humanity. Of the 100

largest economies in the world, 53 are now transnational corporations.

A new global royalty now centrally plans the market, destroying lives and nature in

The way I read this is that if Greece decides not to pay its is better off, in fact if UK stops paying half our money to greedy grasping, money lenders, we, the Ordinary people will become Wealthier but only the Rich, were propping up will become poorer.

I say lets stop paying for the Wealthy, to stay Wealthy, and start enjoying our new found freedoms and prosperity.


  1. coalition's Avatar
    2 days after this Blog was posted, the Republican Party have claimed they will accept Defaulting on the US debts rather than agree to Democrat Proposals.

    As I posted yesterday, we should also Default....the only losers will be the Swine who robbed the Money in the first place. Now we can strip them of all assets.