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Lord Bubble & Squeaks new Bank similar to Newco, the twisters insurance Co.

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Six months before the General Election I posted that what we were going to get from a new Government is exactly what we are getting now....and we didn't even vote for them, they just slithered in under the door of 10 Dirt St. SW1, and immediately stuck their snouts in the trough.

I also said that the OBR was a cobbled together penniless baby of the idiot Brideshead Osborne and only an imbecile, with no reputation to lose, would head it up, Budd popped up, the press soon but the imbecile down.

Now, I wish to point out that the so called expert who reviewed the Mod Budget. Levine, is the very same pratt who screwed up procurement with his Auschwitz Economics. This pratt is currently exiting Lloyds and wishes to set up a new for your money!